The virus reached Latin America, Germany and Pakistan, as the number of new infections outside China outpaced those inside the country for the first time. Here are the latest updates.

The news was set against the backdrop of Carnival crowds around the world threatening to spread the disease. That was especially true in Brazil, home to Latin America’s first case, where the hugely popular celebration brings tons of people into the streets.

Global hot spots: Many of the cases in Germany can no longer be traced to the virus’s original source in China — a harbinger for how difficult it will be to trace infections as the virus spreads.

South Korea reported 284 new cases, the largest single-day jump so far, as authorities finished testing members of a secretive church in Daegu. Iran’s leaders played down its cases, now at 139.

Much of the blame for the violence is falling on Kapil Mishra, a local politician from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party who threatened to mobilize a mob on Sunday to clear out protesters who were demonstrating against a contentious new citizenship law. That night, groups of Hindu and Muslim men began throwing rocks at each other, which led to wider violence.

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