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Erin Fowler used to take the bus and SkyTrain to and from her job as a social worker at a Vancouver long-term care facility.

But late last month, TransLink began reducing service when the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay home, and Fowler noticed she was unable to keep a safe physical distance from other passengers, first on the bus and then on the SkyTrain.

Although she hasn’t owned a vehicle in years, she managed to find one to use for commuting and stopped taking transit a couple of weeks ago.

“I’m doing this out of concern for myself, the people that I’m working with and also their families,” Fowler said.

She knows she is fortunate to have another transportation option, but many of her fellow essential service workers are among those who must still use transit to get around during the pandemic, and Fowler worries that if the drastic cuts TransLink is planning for next month materialize, those workers will be hit hard.

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