Washington Post editor’s deleted tweet claims white women ‘lucky’ others are ‘not calling for revenge’

Washington Post global opinions editor Karen Attiah reportedly declared, “White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s.’ And not calling for revenge,” in a since-deleted tweet. Attiah, who is black, listed multiple things that she feels white women are responsible for and warned her 185,000 followers that worse things could happen than simply being referred to as “Karen,” which has emerged as a disparaging term for […]

Giants need to cut Janoris Jenkins after ignorant tweet

JackRabbit2.0 showed himself to be Jackass2.0 on Thursday. On the day after his terrible tweet, Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins dug himself a much bigger hole even after his coach Pat Shurmur chastised him. Jenkins showed no remorse and showed he should not be allowed back in the building. Move on, Giants. The team needs to […]

Hong Kong protesters wave posters of Trump’s shirtless Rocky tweet to thank him for signing law supporting them

Protesters in Hong Kong waved posters of Donald Trump’s head superimposed on the shirtless body of Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone to thank him for signing a law supporting their cause. Pro-democracy demonstrators draped themselves in American flags and sang the US national anthem while others held up the image showing the president’s expressionless face on […]

‘Indian food is terrible’ tweet sparks hot debate about racism

Image copyright Getty Images A tweet from a US academic calling Indian food “terrible” has sparked a hot debate about cultural intolerance and racism in international cuisine. “Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn’t,” said international affairs professor Tom Nichols. Critics called his comment a tasteless generalisation. The remark led to a wider […]