GOP Group Uses Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Lies Against Him In New Attack Ad

President Donald Trump is taken to task over his administration’s chaotic and fiercely criticized response to the coronavirus pandemic in a new attack ad that the anti-Trump conservative group the Lincoln Project released on Tuesday.  Trump is seen repeatedly spreading misinformation and downplaying the threat of COVID-19 in the 60-second clip ― titled “Unfit” ― as […]

Trump’s border wall falls over from high winds in California, Mexico

A portion of President Donald Trump’s border wall blew over from gusty winds Wednesday, falling over on the Mexican side of the border. The newly installed panels were a part of an ongoing project to improve existing parts of the wall in Calexico, California.   Agent Carlos Pitones of the Customs and Border Protection in El […]

Russian hackers target Ukrainian company central to Trump’s impeachment

Russian hackers were able to get into a server belonging to Burisma, the Ukrainian company at the center of President Trump’s impeachment, security experts told The New York Times. The security firm Area 1 first detected the hacking on New Year’s Eve, and told the Times Russian efforts began in early November, when the impeachment […]

Trump’s motivation for Suleimani assassination | Letters | US news

Your report on the assassination of Qassem Suleimani (Iran vows ‘severe revenge’ on the US, 3 January) features some welcome scepticism about its stated motives. The Pentagon is quoted as saying that it was about “deterring future Iranian attack plans”, while “a senior US official” refers to “the imminent attacks that Suleimani is alleged to […]

Trump’s impeachment rage, Bloomberg on coal

WASHINGTON (AP) — As near-certain impeachment closes in on him, President Donald Trump raged at his accusers, the Democrats. In the process, he offered a highly selective account of the testimony of a damning witness and misrepresented the facts of a phone call at the heart of the constitutional showdown. Trump also branded Democrats crazy […]

Lara Trump Hails Donald Trump’s Fight For Animals And It Doesn’t Go So Well

Lara Trump faced swift backlash on Wednesday after she praised President Donald Trump on Twitter for “fighting for all Americans, and animals too!” People also highlighted the recent revelation that Trump Jr. killed a rare sheep during a summer hunting trip in Mongolia and was then retroactively granted permission to do so by the country’s president. […]

Trump’s North Korea deal with Kim Jong Un in Singapore was never really a deal

“There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea,” Trump tweeted just one day after the June 12 meeting. Trump, mired in disputes at home and abroad, has largely ignored the subject of North Korea. But on Sunday, he returned to it in a tweet, pointing to the “strong Denuclearization Agreement” in Singapore but […]

Dem Rep. Richmond: Trump’s ‘Criminal Enterprise’ Putting 2020 Presidential Election at Risk

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) commented on the ongoing impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump. Richmond said there is a “continuing criminal enterprise” going on with Trump, adding that the president is putting the 2020 presidential election “at risk.” “[T]his is a continuing criminal enterprise that’s going on,” Richmond stated. “Right […]

Newspaper headlines: Trump’s NHS pledge, and online gambling fears

Image caption The Daily Telegraph is among several papers to lead on Donald Trump’s three-day visit to the UK for a Nato summit. The paper splashes with Mr Trump insisting the NHS would not be on the table during future US-UK trade talks even if “you handed it to us on a silver platter”. Labour […]

Hong Kong protesters wave posters of Trump’s shirtless Rocky tweet to thank him for signing law supporting them

Protesters in Hong Kong waved posters of Donald Trump’s head superimposed on the shirtless body of Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone to thank him for signing a law supporting their cause. Pro-democracy demonstrators draped themselves in American flags and sang the US national anthem while others held up the image showing the president’s expressionless face on […]