Russian Propagandist Ran Ad In The Washington Post — And Victory Laps In Russian Media

The Washington Post may have violated US government sanctions when it ran an ad online from Russian propagandist Alexander Malkevich — and handed a propaganda coup to a man who appears to have been part of Russia’s interference with the 2018 midterm elections in the United States and has been pushing false information to sow […]

‘We just ran like hell’: Witnesses tell of panic as terror returned to a London Bridge

City workers and tourists have told of their panic as terror returned to a crowded London Bridge for the second time in two years today.    Armed police shot a man on London Bridge today in an incident that has left one person dead and up to five people injured as the Met says it […]

Adam Schiff Ran Against Impeachment in First Campaign for Congress

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) won his first race for Congress in 2000 by targeting a Republican who led the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Then-Rep. James Rogan (R-CA) had been selected to be one of the two “managers” who led the prosecution of President Clinton in the Senate in 1999. Schiff, running in 2000, accused […]