Trump’s impeachment rage, Bloomberg on coal

WASHINGTON (AP) — As near-certain impeachment closes in on him, President Donald Trump raged at his accusers, the Democrats. In the process, he offered a highly selective account of the testimony of a damning witness and misrepresented the facts of a phone call at the heart of the constitutional showdown. Trump also branded Democrats crazy […]

Citizenship Bill: India military deployed to Assam and Tripura and internet shut down as protests rage

The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), which was passed by the country’s parliament on Wednesday, has been described by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government as a means of protecting vulnerable groups from persecution. Critics, however, say the bill marginalizes Muslims and undermines the country’s secular constitution. Others say it risks bringing an unwanted influx […]

Bushfires rage across NSW and Queensland as hazardous smoke blankets Sydney | Australia news

At least one home and multiple buildings have been destroyed by an out-of-control bushfire near Batemans Bay on the New South Wales south coast. Sydney, meanwhile, is ringed by bushfires, causing heavy smoke to linger. Almost 120 bush and grass fires are burning across NSW, with almost half uncontained and more than 2,000 firefighters being […]