Brownstein: Monkland Ave. comes back to life — at least a little bit

Article content Like many other parents and their children, Amanda Mihaly and her four-year-old daughter Scarlett had long been looking forward to this moment: Monday’s reopening of Kidlink Books & Toys, a staple in Monkland Village the last 27 years. The two had been holed up since mid-March, both seeking some diversion. Mom, new educational […]

Three experts discuss life after coronavirus – Channel 4 News

From face masks to social distancing, life has changed dramatically in the coronavirus pandemic – possibly forever. The so-called ‘new normal’ has led to a transformation in the way we work, socialise and behave. Governments, from the UK to Germany, are laying out road maps with details on how their countries will operate post coronavirus. […]

Coronavirus: heart condition woman says Covid saved her life

Image caption Angela Schlegel said having no visitors was extremely difficult during her five weeks in hospital A woman says contracting coronavirus ended up saving her life, when Covid doctors discovered she had an undiagnosed heart condition. Angela Schlegel was hospitalised after 11 days of coronavirus symptoms. Her heart condition – which medics said could […]

Coronavirus could leave U.S. with a lasting imprint: Masks as normal part of life

Amid the confusion from Washington, D.C., to Sacramento and parts in between, one thing has become abundantly clear in the era of COVID-19: The mask is having a moment. On Thursday, President Trump announced that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would soon issue new guidelines, softening an earlier anti-mask stance. This came 33 […]

Hospital ordered to keep 11-month-old in Texas on life support, appeals court says

FORT WORTH, Texas — A Texas appeals court on Friday agreed to delay a judge’s ruling that would have allowed a hospital to end life-sustaining treatment for an 11-month-old girl who doctors say is in pain and will not get better. The Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth ordered Cook Children’s Medical Center to […]

The life and tragic death of the Canadian who built the bomb

Richard Feynman called it “tickling the dragon’s tail.” Enrico Fermi warned he’d be “dead within a year” if he didn’t stop doing it. And yet, Winnipeg-born physicist Dr. Louis Slotin continued the dangerous experiments at Los Alamos that, in May 1946, would cost him his life. Slotin was one of a handful of Canadian scientists […]

Fit in my 40s: indoor surfing with a tutor like an Aussie soap star. I’ll kill it, right? | Zoe Williams | Life and style

There are two ways to learn to surf from scratch; three if you count “go back in time and be 17”. I chose the one that doesn’t involve going to Cornwall: an indoor surf centre, Twinwoods Adventure, near Bedford – the reason being that I’ve actually tried to learn a sport in the sea before, […]

U.S. Air Force shows us a day in the life of a Pave Hawk in Dolomites – Defence Blog

The U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Ericka Woolever spent 24 hours photographing the daily life of special mission aviators from the 56th Rescue Squadron at Aviano Air Base, Italy. He demonstrated an ordinary day for HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter pilots, from the 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 56th Helicopter Maintenance Unit, at Aviano Air Base, […]

Gunman shoots three at U.S. military base in Hawaii, takes own life

(Reuters) – A gunman opened fire at the historic military base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Wednesday, base officials said, with local media reporting that at least three people were wounded, two of them critically, before the suspect took his own life. A spokeswoman for the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam confirmed that a shooting had […]