Biden questions whether coronavirus vaccine will be ‘real,’ despite experts’ assurances

Joe Biden is preemptively doubting whether a coronavirus vaccine will be “real,” and has cast doubt on whether the vaccine would be distributed with “any degree of equity and realization” — seemingly contradicting public health experts even as the White House touts vaccine progress. The Trump campaign has called out Biden’s remarks as “irresponsible,” pointing to […]

Three experts discuss life after coronavirus – Channel 4 News

From face masks to social distancing, life has changed dramatically in the coronavirus pandemic – possibly forever. The so-called ‘new normal’ has led to a transformation in the way we work, socialise and behave. Governments, from the UK to Germany, are laying out road maps with details on how their countries will operate post coronavirus. […]

Grace Millane murder trial: experts give evidence on modern sexual practices | World news

The defence has finished laying out its case in the Grace Millane murder trial, putting forward an expert in modern sexual practices who told the court BDSM has become more mainstream and socially acceptable. The 27-year-old man accused of murdering the British backpacker, whose name is suppressed, has pleaded not guilty. His lawyers say Millane, […]