We foster citizen empowerment in time of crisis – VoxEurop (English)

In this Op-ed, European Civic Tech actors reaffirm the importance of their role in protecting fundamental rights and providing citizens with the tools to remain in contact with each other, and for collaboration between citizens and decision-makers. During this time of global health crisis, governments all over the world have taken emergency measures to protect […]

Economy is ‘over the worst’ of coronavirus crisis but could face permanent scarring, expert claims – The Sun

THE economy is “over the worst” of the coronavirus crisis but could face permanent scarring, according to the head of the Office for Budget Responsibility. Robert Chote, chairman of the OBR said the level of “scarring” would depend on how business adapts to a new post Covid-19 world. ⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for […]

The coronavirus crisis opens a new fracture in Europe – VoxEurop (English)

How has the mobility of Europeans evolved with the different measures and degrees of containment to slow the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic? Follow the changes thanks to the application developed by our partners from Civio. By 15 March, half of the people who regularly walk along the streets of European capitals had vanished. Europe […]

Trump tries on a fourth chief of staff in the middle of a devastating crisis

In the coming weeks, Meadows is expected to make personnel changes to the leadership of both the Domestic Policy Council, which is led by Mulvaney ally Joe Grogan, and the Office of Legislative Affairs, led by Eric Ueland, formerly a top Senate leadership aide who earned wide praise for his work alongside Treasury Secretary Steven […]

There are fears a coronavirus crisis looms in Tokyo. Is it too late to change course?

If the current trend continues, the outlook is bleak, said Kentaro Iwata, an infection control specialist from Kobe University, who has repeatedly warned that Japan isn’t doing enough to halt the spread of the virus. “Japan needs to have the courage to change, when we are aware we are on the wrong path,” Iwata said. […]

California Housing Crisis Podcast: Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to fix homelessness

When he bicycles in the morning to Gold’s Gym in Venice, former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has noticed a growing number of homeless people pitching tents in the neighborhood. Now the head of a public affairs institute at USC, Schwarzenegger last month gathered public officials and experts from across the country to debate what to do […]

Coronavirus epidemic reveals a world in political crisis

“There is every indication that the world will soon enter a pandemic phase,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, whose country has confirmed at least 23 cases of coronavirus, told reporters in Canberra. The emergence of a new sort of coronavirus case in the United States, unrelated to foreign travel or contact with someone already known […]

Over 1,700 frontline medics likely infected with coronavirus in China, presenting new crisis for the government

Instead of helping on the frontlines, she has been under self-quarantine at home for weeks, after a chest scan on January 26 revealed that she had a suspected case of the novel Coronavirus. Zhu was told to wait for a nucleic acid test that would provide the final verdict, but it never came. “Right now, […]

Opioid crisis: Synthetic opioids ravaged the US during the last decade. They may do even more damage to Asia

It was a drug overdose. Aroon had just injected what he thought was heroin with his friend Somchai, who recounted the ordeal to CNN. Somchai said he took a larger hit but assumes his years of regular heroin use had given him a higher tolerance than Aroon. Somchai and Aroon are not their real names. […]

Malta’s prime minister expected to resign amid crisis over journalist’s murder

Malta’s prime minister was expected to resign last night amid an acute political crisis precipitated by the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Joseph Muscat was on the brink of quitting, according to The Times of Malta, in what would cap a tumultuous week for the EU’s smallest member. He has been under immense […]