Thursday’s will not reopen and condos will likely be built at site, owner says

Montreal landmark Thursday’s Bar and Bistro abruptly closed down earlier this week, on New Year’s Day, only hours after ushering in the New Year with scores of customers. The sudden closing put nearly 100 employees out of a job without notice. Pierre Obendrauf / Montreal Gazette There are no plans to reopen Thursday’s Bar and […]

The life and tragic death of the Canadian who built the bomb

Richard Feynman called it “tickling the dragon’s tail.” Enrico Fermi warned he’d be “dead within a year” if he didn’t stop doing it. And yet, Winnipeg-born physicist Dr. Louis Slotin continued the dangerous experiments at Los Alamos that, in May 1946, would cost him his life. Slotin was one of a handful of Canadian scientists […]

China thinks ‘patriotic education’ built a loyal generation. But in Hong Kong? Not so fast.

Later in the show, called “Little Red Army,” the students sang: “Lifting my head, I see the Big Dipper, deep in my heart, I miss Mao Zedong…” Performers ranging from kindergartners to university students are acting out themes of patriotism, traditional Chinese culture and core socialist values during three weeks of performances in the capital. […]