Soho streets evacuated ‘over fears of unexploded bomb’

Streets have been cordoned off (Picture: @_anothergeorge_/Twitter) People have been evacuated from Soho streets in central London over a potential ‘unexploded bomb’, according to reports. Good Morning Britain researcher Cameron Walker tweeted: ‘Metropolitan Police are evacuating part of Dean Street in #Soho. They’ve told me there is a suspected unexploded bomb near the Soho Hotel.’ […]

The life and tragic death of the Canadian who built the bomb

Richard Feynman called it “tickling the dragon’s tail.” Enrico Fermi warned he’d be “dead within a year” if he didn’t stop doing it. And yet, Winnipeg-born physicist Dr. Louis Slotin continued the dangerous experiments at Los Alamos that, in May 1946, would cost him his life. Slotin was one of a handful of Canadian scientists […]

The world’s demand for palm oil is igniting a climate bomb

By Rebecca Wright, Ivan Watson, Tom Booth and Masrur Jamaluddin, CNN Kalimantan, Indonesia (CNN) — Deep within the jungles of Indonesian Borneo, illegal fires rage, creating apocalyptic red skies and smoke that has spread as far as Malaysia and Singapore. People are choking. Animals are dying. This is no ordinary fire. It was lit for […]

Ageing Japan bomb survivors back pope’s anti-nukes call

Nagasaki (Japan) (AFP) – Kenji Hayashida thought about committing suicide in the years after an atomic bomb was dropped on his hometown of Nagasaki. On Sunday he will hear Pope Francis call there for a world without nuclear weapons, a message 81-year-old supports passionately. Like many ageing survivors of the attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, […]