Trump signs executive order that ends preferential treatment for Hong Kong

Trump signs executive order that ends preferential treatment for Hong Kong | The Independent Donald Trump on Tuesday announced he signed an executive order ending Hong Kong’s favoured trading status after a new Chinese law his administration says vastly erodes Hong Kong’s autonomy. The president, amid plummeting poll numbers in key swing states, said the […]

Australian KFC Order Leads To Coronavirus Fines

BuzzFeed News has reporters around the world bringing you trustworthy stories about the impact of the coronavirus. To help keep this news free, become a member. Two paramedics stopped for a meal at an Australian KFC restaurant in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, early Friday morning when they noticed something suspicious. A pair of customers […]

On World Youth Skills Day, Don’t Forget the Importance of Soft Skills — Global Issues

Kisa Scholars receive their own planners at the conclusion of their “Creating a Timetable” lesson. Credit: AfricAid Opinion by Jessica Love (denver, colorado) Monday, July 13, 2020 Inter Press Service Jessica Love is Executive Director, AfricAid*, which works to improve the standing of women in society through robust, locally-led mentorship initiatives that cultivate confidence, improve […]

‘Plate-shaming’ is happening in Atlantic Canada as locals fear those from outside the ‘bubble’

TORONTO — Atlantic Canada’s reputation for being warm and welcoming has long been a source of pride. But instead of hospitality, the pandemic is exposing a glimpse of hostility aimed at those who are assumed to be outsiders. “Being from Halifax, growing up here all but eight years of my life, I really didn’t expect […]

Rapper Lil Marlo dead in Atlanta

Atlanta rapper Rudolph Johnson, better known as Lil Marlo, is dead, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office. The medical examiner’s office confirmed to NBC News on Sunday morning that a deceased individual by the name of Rudolph Johnson was brought in during the last 24 hours after reports surfaced of the rapper’s death. […]

Inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome seeks coronavirus ‘game-changer’

Tel Aviv (AFP) – Daniel Gold, who led the team that invented Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system, has a history of safeguarding the country against what he identifies as existential threats. With the nation facing surging coronavirus cases amid a pandemic that has triggered unprecedented economic hardship, Gold is trying to replicate his Iron […]

Man (60s) killed as other driver ‘leaves scene’ of two-car crash

A man in his 60s died in a two-car collision on the N7 outside Nenagh, Co Tipperary on Saturday afternoon. Gardaí at Nenagh are investigating the incident which occurred at approximately 12.50pm at Ballyhiskey, Carrigatoher. The driver of one of the cars involved failed to remain at the scene, gardaí said. The driver of the […]

Iran says not possible to shut economy: Coronavirus live updates | Coronavirus pandemic News

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said it was not possible to shut down the country’s economy despite the surge in coronavirus cases. India’s coronavirus cases surged past 800,000 with the biggest single-day spike of 27,114 cases, causing multiple states to impose lockdowns in high-risk areas. More than 12.5 million […]

Moon landing: Buzz Aldrin’s confession revealed after 50 years – ‘It was so well staged’ | Science | News

The legendary astronaut stepped foot on the lunar surface on July 21, 1969, just 20 minutes after his colleague – Neil Armstrong – became the first man to walk on the Moon. The pair made history after the lunar lander Eagle touched down at Tranquility Base before Armstrong delivered his “one small step” speech – signifying the end […]

Trump spins political victory out of Supreme Court defeat

It’s the way Trump has gotten by his whole life, in business and politics. Nothing is a loss, just an opportunity to delay and attack. Trump the businessman countersued when facing loan collectors or allegations of wrongdoing. Trump the politician counterattacks when faced with any staffer who disagrees with him, any opponent who questions his […]