Industry Commissioner says Europe will speed up space ambitions

Thierry Breton, Internal Market Commissioner said on Sunday EU is planning to invest in rocket launches, satellite communication and space exploration, in light of rapid progress by the US and China.  “Space is one of Europe’s strong points, and we’re giving ourselves the means to speed up,” Breton told Reuters in an interview, on Sunday. […]

#Huawei announces it will open manufacturing plant for wireless products in France

Huawei has today (28 February) announced that it will open a factory in France dedicated to the production of wireless equipment for 4G and 5G networks. The majority of the products leaving this facility will be destined for European markets. The value of the first phase of this investment will be over 200 million Euro. […]

#Huawei says latest US ban based on ‘innuendo’

US telecommunications regulators have declared Huawei and ZTE national security threats in the latest action by the US government against the Chinese tech giants, writes the BBC. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has also proposed forcing US customers to replace equipment previously purchased from the firms. Huawei called the decision “profoundly mistaken”. It said it […]

Vancouver seeks public opinion on billboard bylaw

Vancouver is holding two open houses to hear your thoughts on billboards and electronic signs. Gerry Kahrmann / PROVINCE The city of Vancouver will hold two open houses so residents can offer their thoughts on how they feel about billboards and electronic signage in the city. Billboards, advertising signs, and electronic signage will be the […]