EU’s top diplomat welcomes Israel-UAE peace deal

Europe’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell has welcomed the historic peace agreement achieved between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, citing its importance for regional stability. ”I welcome Israel-UAE normalisation; benefits both and is important for regional stability,” Borrell said in a Twitter post on Friday. I welcome Israel-UAE normalisation; benefits both & is important […]

Industry Commissioner says Europe will speed up space ambitions

Thierry Breton, Internal Market Commissioner said on Sunday EU is planning to invest in rocket launches, satellite communication and space exploration, in light of rapid progress by the US and China.  “Space is one of Europe’s strong points, and we’re giving ourselves the means to speed up,” Breton told Reuters in an interview, on Sunday. […]

The remake of Europe (III): Anatomy of the Loot

This episode is rather long, more than 3000 words but is very informative. I suggest to save it for future reference. The lack of any political control of the European Commission’s services has allowed civil servants to become autonomous and non-accountable. This anomaly is particularly reflected in the way tenders, projects, and programmes are funded […]

German manufacturers project 4% nosedive in industrial output

Germany’s manufacturing output will drop by 4% in 2021, mostly due to weaker demand, the German industry association (BDI) said on Tuesday. In a country where one in five jobs depend on {mostly manufacturing} exports, this could have a significant effect on GDP. Germany is the only developed economy with a trade surplus with China. […]