Washington Post editor’s deleted tweet claims white women ‘lucky’ others are ‘not calling for revenge’

Washington Post global opinions editor Karen Attiah reportedly declared, “White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s.’ And not calling for revenge,” in a since-deleted tweet. Attiah, who is black, listed multiple things that she feels white women are responsible for and warned her 185,000 followers that worse things could happen than simply being referred to as “Karen,” which has emerged as a disparaging term for […]

Gen. Jack Keane on Russian bombers intercepted by US fighter jets: ‘They routinely test our defenses’

Retired Army Gen. Jack Keane appeared on “America’s News HQ” Saturday and commented on the Russian nuclear-capable bombers that were intercepted and escorted by U.S. fighter jets during a flight over neutral waters near Alaska, saying Moscow was testing U.S. defenses as the nation deals with the coronavirus and racial unrest. “When it comes to Russia, […]

Ted Cruz: It’s a ‘sad day’ for Justice Department after ‘stunning’ IG report

Ahead of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said that this marks a sad day for the department and that he disagrees with the watchdog report’s conclusions about political bias not playing a role in the FBI’s Russia investigation. “It is over 500 […]