There’s no anecdote quite like the celebrity encounter; they unite us in hilarious and comforting ways, and are the perfect way to sustain a dinner party conversation where you don’t really know anyone.

Unfortunately, some are less interesting than others – though these often make for more wholesome stories than others.

This was exemplified by a recent Twitter trend started by user @Mavenofhonour, who prompted a call-out for everyone’s most mundane celebrity encounters.

“Now, more than ever, we should share our most mundane celebrity encounters,” she wrote. “For example, in 2002 I saw Diane Keaton in the Gap”.

The responses were hilariously normal – from observing Ralph Fiennes on a low-key walk along the Thames, to riding a rollercoaster with Alanis Morissette – but strangely, one celebrity started to crop up all over the place.

Based on anecdotal evidence, it appears everyone has met Bill Nighy – and not only that, he’s just a very nice guy.

Here are some of the best Nighy anecdotes, each as plain as the next…

He was almost rude, but apologised profusely:

He walks among commoners:

He calmly acknowledges his fame:

He can be as vacant as the rest of us:

He’s got excellent style:

And has a favourite hangout:

He’s generous!

And shows up for what he believes in:

He isn’t selfie-shy

And loves to share:

But if you haven’t met him, you’re not alone:

In this dark time, at least we can all be united in the knowledge that a god walks among us in the form of Bill Nighy.

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