NSW residents asked to reduce electricity demand between 4pm and 8pm


We’re getting reports that the Pialligo fire in Canberra has hit an industrial recycling centre, sending thick black smoke into the air.

The ACT’s emergency services agency said the fire had hit the recycling centre on Underwood Street. The fire was now producing “dangerous levels” of smoke, which the ESA said would reduce visibility and air quality. It advised residents to stay inside, close all windows and doors, turn off their air conditioning and evaporative coolers, and stay away from the area if they are not there already.

The area between Fyshwick and Queanbeyan, where the fire is burning, is one of a handful of industrial zones in Canberra.

Amber Austin-Wright

Fire has just hit a recycling plant near Queanbeyan. Toxic black smoke spreading through the area ⁦@10NewsFirst⁩ ⁦@10Dailypic.twitter.com/aQNmVSWGc2

January 23, 2020

Meanwhile, in the nearby Brindabella business park, authorities are understood to be evacuating office workers building by building.

Hayden Thomson

A bit of action at the Brindabella Business Park office this morning! #pialligo #canberra@canberratimes @abccanberra pic.twitter.com/13XIiLtXsr

January 23, 2020

A relief centre has been set up in Dickson, in the city’s inner-north, for those who can’t get back to their homes. The relief centre is at Dickson College.

The latest advice from the ESA:

“The fire is travelling in an easterly direction towards Beard, Oaks Estate and west Queanbeyan, including Crestwood. This fire has crossed the Molonglo River near Beard. The fire is out of control. Firefighters are on scene. However, under current conditions, the fire is difficult to control.”


Weather pushes back play at the Australian Open

The aerial mud that fell on Melbourne in an extended deluge overnight was joined by a fresh burst of rain on Thursday to delay play on the outside courts at the Australian Open.

Concerns about air pollution remain high as well, as the elements combine to bedevil the first grand slam tournament of the year.

Staff had to power-blast the red carpet of dust and muck from the uncovered courts, pushing back the scheduled start of play to 2pm. There were further interruptions for rain as the card was squeezed again.

It’s quite a fluid situation here in Moruya on the New South Wales south coast.

The massive Clyde Mountain fire is approaching at quite a clip thanks to incredibly strong westerly winds, and the Rural Fire Service says homes in the town are at risk. RFS crews are defending properties north of the town.

A few minutes ago the main street was pretty well deserted as a (by now familiar) red sky came over.

I’ve just stopped in at the golf club and although it’s quiet they say they’re staying open.

A few extremely keen golfers were even still out on the course.



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