Deputy CMO says there are ‘very serious risks’ from overcrowding as Victoria plans to lift lockdown rules and another Newmarch resident dies after testing negative. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

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8.34am BST

Is it possible we could have a second wave bigger than the first, Epstein asks?

Yes, Sutton says, mainly because our first wave was so small. “We could have tens or hundreds or thousands of cases in Australia. And that’s not scaremongering, that’s just a fact.”

I guess my nervousness in some respects is a second wave, if people are completely fed up in how they are restrained in their lives and just can’t handle it any more.

8.30am BST

Epstein asks Sutton about the protest outside parliament in Melbourne yesterday.

Sutton says it’s “not ideal for people to be in close contact, and if there are significant gathering size, then the potential for transmission increases”.

I hope people understand that they can make protestations in whatever way they desire, but they should also follow the social distancing rules that are in place for a reason.

With infectious diseases, you don’t get to make decisions about other people’s health.

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