Many celebrities like to be immortalised through their art, whether it’s a film or television show, while others prefer paintings.

Cara Delevingne​ has recently found a new way for her presence to live on, and it’s through the Rubik’s Cube.

The model and actress recently posted a video on Instagram of an artist who had managed to create her face including shading details, using only Rubik’s Cubes.

When you think about it, it’s a pretty incredible feat, considering Rubik’s Cubes only contain blue, yellow, orange, green, red and white. 

It’s already difficult to complete a Rubik’s Cube so each side is one block colour, but creating a piece of art seems nearly impossible. 

In the video, the artist can be seen putting in the final cube of the piece before stepping back to show the full work of art.

Using only Rubik’s Cubes, the artist Giovanni Contardi has managed to capture Delevingne’s likeness completely. 

Contardi currently has 341,000 followers on Instagram, and according to his bio he is a “full time artist, pioneer.” It says that he does “rubik’s cube mosaics in art galleries.”

Contardi has also done pieces of Beyonce, Salvador Dali, Kobe Bryant, Bruce Lee and many more. If you fancied your own, ​according to his bio, just email [email protected]

It seems his talents know no bounds, as he’s also able to complete a Rubik’s Cube in six seconds. 

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