Fossil upends theory of how shark skeletons evolved, say scientists | Environment

The partial skull of an armoured fish that swam in the oceans over 400m years ago could turn the evolutionary history of sharks on its head, researchers have said. Bony fish, such as salmon and tuna, as well as almost all terrestrial vertebrates, from birds to humans, have skeletons that end up made of bone. […]

Police identify father, three children killed in shooting at Oshawa, Ont. home

TORONTO — Police have identified four family members who were shot to death inside their Oshawa home by an “uninvited” relative early Friday morning. In a news release on Sunday, Durham Regional Police confirmed that 50-year-old Chris Traynor and his children – 20-year-old Bradley, 15-year-old Adelaide, and 11-year-old Joseph, were killed in the shooting. Police […]