Putin’s Silence: Inaction of the Russian leader regarding “mercenaries” in Belarus plays against him.

The scandal about Russian mercenaries in Belarus continues to flare up, bringing more and more political dividends to the President of this East European country, Alexander Lukashenka. July 6, Lukashenka instructed the Prosecutor Generals of Russia and Ukraine to Belarus to be invited to discuss the future of the detained militants. Not a day goes […]

‘This is Nampa … not Tampa’

CLOSE Officers with the Nampa Police Department in Idaho found a 6-foot long alligator in a residential area on Tuesday, August 4. The police department called the finding a “first.” (Photo: Nampa Police Department) Cpl. Tonna Marek, a 20-year veteran of the Nampa Police Department in Idaho, had never seen an alligator. It’s Idaho, after all, […]