NATO Imagines Future Warfare

Innovation is a key component of readiness when it comes to future threats. NATO’s Innovation Hub recently commissioned a short story from author August Cole, asking him to draw upon his writing and imaginative abilities to create a picture of what NATO operations could be like in the year 2040. The Cipher Brief is pleased […]

Inside the rush to secure Rio de Janeiro’s few COVID-19 beds

“People are coming from all over,” José Carlos de Oliveira, health secretary for the city of Duque de Caxias, told The Associated Press in the hospital’s parking lot. “This disease is not kidding around. Whoever thinks it’s a joke is going to lose their life,” said de Oliveira, a physician who recently recovered from the […]

PICKEL: Tory should reverse his property tax hike

The right time to keep a promise is all the time, but sometimes it’s especially important. That’s certainly true right now of Mayor John Tory’s promise not to raise property taxes. Tory successfully campaigned on this promise twice. “Lower Taxes” was the slogan plastered to the podium for a speech when he decried property taxes […]