The coronavirus crisis opens a new fracture in Europe – VoxEurop (English)

How has the mobility of Europeans evolved with the different measures and degrees of containment to slow the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic? Follow the changes thanks to the application developed by our partners from Civio. By 15 March, half of the people who regularly walk along the streets of European capitals had vanished. Europe […]

Green Party leader has confidence in Catherine Martin despite TD voting against government talks

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has said he still has confidence in his deputy Catherine Martin despite her objection to entering into government talks with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. r Ryan also said Ms Martin’s opposition to government formation talks will not prevent her from being on the party’s negotiating team. “That’s healthy in […]

A man has been tattooing himself every day since going into isolation because of the coronavirus

While boredom has driven some people to cut their own bangs or maybe dye their hair that one color their mom begged them not to, one man has taken it to an entirely different level. Chris Woodhead, a 33-year-old from East London, has been tattooing himself every day he’s been in quarantine. As of Monday, […]