U.S. troops ‘dumped Russian convoy in mud’ in Syria – Defence Blog

A U.S. military patrol has blocked a Russian military convoy from using a main highway in northeast Syria on Monday. A number of photos released in social media have depicted American Oshkosh M-ATV vehicles interdicting and blocking Russian armored vehicles along strategic roads in northeastern Syria. A Russian military convoy attempted to go round an […]

Testing shambles spirals as desperate Boris Johnson blames chemical shortage

Ministers were accused of ‘complacency’ and snubbing offers of help from labs today as Boris Johnson struggles to get a grip on the UK’s coronavirus testing shambles.  The government is desperately trying to ramp up the number of checks carried out, with experts warning that is the only way to end the lockdown threatening to […]

Man, 45, strangled wife then slept with her dead body for nearly a WEEK after she accused him of cheating, cops say – The Sun

A 45-YEAR-old man strangled his wife and then slept alongside the dead body for nearly a week, cops say. A couple who knew Jeff Sherwood and Susan Klepsch called police after checking on them on Saturday. 1 Jeff Sherwood is accused of first-degree murderCredit: Hazel Park Police Sherwood and Klepsch, who was 64, had not […]