California Housing Crisis Podcast: Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to fix homelessness

When he bicycles in the morning to Gold’s Gym in Venice, former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has noticed a growing number of homeless people pitching tents in the neighborhood. Now the head of a public affairs institute at USC, Schwarzenegger last month gathered public officials and experts from across the country to debate what to do […]

Ben Solo’s Last Words To Rey Finally Revealed In ‘Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker’

“Star Wars” fans have been wondering for months about what was really going on between Ben Solo and Rey during their final moments together in “The Rise Of Skywalker.”  Now, they have an answer. (Spoiler Alert) . . . A novelization of the film to be released later this month cited by as well as […]

#Huawei announces it will open manufacturing plant for wireless products in France

Huawei has today (28 February) announced that it will open a factory in France dedicated to the production of wireless equipment for 4G and 5G networks. The majority of the products leaving this facility will be destined for European markets. The value of the first phase of this investment will be over 200 million Euro. […]