Moon landing: Michael Collins’ Apollo 11 confession exposed – ‘Put it on my gravestone’ | Science | News

On July 20, 1969, NASA completed the seemingly impossible Apollo 11 mission to put the first two men – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin – on the Moon. Mr Armstrong made history, jumping off the lunar lander Eagle and delivering his legendary “one small step” speech to the millions watching back on Earth, before shortly being joined by […]

Cigar-shaped UFO filmed hovering near airport as 2019 drew to a close

The strange object filmed hovering over Arizona (YouTube/Disclose Screen) Last year was a big one for the alien-hunting community. There was the declassifying of secret military documents, a ‘flaming’ UFO on Friday 13th and – of course – the ill-fated attempt to storm Area 51. But even as the year drew to a close, more […]

Why Pete Buttigieg Enrages the Young Left

The Los Angeles Times’ Matt Pearce compiled a list of potential explanations on Twitter, including that the left may perceive him as a traitor to his generation, a stark opportunist, or the representative of a shadowy and discredited D.C. professional class. The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson also surveyed the theories, ultimately concluding that the continuity with […]